The Yorkshire Flag otherwise known as the White Rose of York is a county flag designed roughly in the year 1965 or earlier. 
Placed on a deep blue background, the emblem of Yorkshire is a white double heraldic rose, with green sepals and a gold centre. 
Yorkshire Ridings Society designed this traditional image of the White Rose, which became the traditional symbol of Yorkshire. 
The Flag Institute registered the Yorkshire flag on 29th July 2008. 
The origins of this Yorkshire emblem probably go back to the 14th century, Edmund of Langley, who was the first Duke of York and the founder of the House of York. 
The White Rose of York is the symbol of House of York and since then has been adopted as a symbol of Yorkshire as a whole, during the Wars of the Roses against Lancashire, who have adopted the red rose. 
Yorkshire ‘White Rose’ Flag greetings cards 
I have reproduced the Yorkshire flag as a graphic illustration translated into greeting cards in A6 and square formats.  
Currently the best sellers at craft fairs, they continue to be popular with customers.  
Printed onto quality photographic glossy paper with envelope, they can be they can be purchased as single cards and as a full set of 5 comprising of three square and two A6 size cards. 
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